Hardwood Floor Refinishing


Hardwood Floor Refinishers San Diego

You can probably renew your old and worn out hardwood floor easier and cheaper than you may think. Unlocking your floor’s inner beauty can be done with our wood floor refinishing San Diego services. Sometimes this hardwood floor refinishing San Diego process does not always include sanding and staining.

If you find yourself searching for hardwood floor refinishers in San Diego, call us and our expert will come into your home and evaluate your hardwood floors before work starts. Typically, our professionals will look at several items before deciding your floor needs a complete hardwood floor sanding San Diego.

One of these items is determining if the floors are damaged or dirty. At first, you may say I clean my floors every day, and they are spotless. However, when dirt and dust are tracked, they can leave behind superficial damage. These scratches can make your wood floors appear dull.

Our professionals can provide guidance to restore the sheen to this type of hardwood floor issue. We suggest using a soft bristle broom to sweep the floor thoroughly. The next step is using a vacuum to remove the dirt from hard to reach areas such as corners and between floorboards.

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After all of the dust and grime is removed, a micro cloth mop with concentrated cleaners should be used. However, many individuals use steam, plain water, Murphy’s Oil Soap, or vinegar to clean hardwood floors. These products should never be used because they leave a film behind.

If you have used these types of products, you may have to call in our professionals for deep cleaning with a scrubbing machine. Our specialized tools help to remove embedded dirt. If a deep cleaning does not restore your floors, we will suggest hardwood floor refinishing San Diego.

Older and more damaged floors are generally beyond the quick deep cleaning. Deep scratches and wide gaps may indicate a San Diego hardwood floor refinishing job is necessary. Hiring a professional is the best choice because this type of project can be lengthy and labor-intensive.

If you decide to go with wood floor refinishing San Diego CA, you will reap a wide array of benefits, including the following:

Safety– When a floor is damaged, it can damage and hurt the occupants of the home every once in a while. For example, hardwood floors that are splintering can cause injuries. Refinishing your hardwood floors will remove these hazards.

Pests– If you have craters or crevices in your hardwood floor, it can be a welcoming place for pests to make their home. Some of these pests can be poisonous and dangerous. Wood floor refinishing will seal these craters and crevices and remove this issue.

Value– Shiny, beautiful refinish hardwood floors San Diego add value to your home. Hardwood floors are one of the top features asked for in a home. If your home is on the market, hardwood floors may have a significant impact on a buyer.

We offer excellent solutions to a variety of hardwood floor refinishing issues. For more information about these services, contact us today to schedule an appointment.