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If you have or want hardwood floors, we are the place to call. We specialize in hardwood floor installation as well as refinishing and repairing. We ensure all of our technicians are highly-qualified and trained in all types of hardwood services.

Hardwood comes in a wide array of designs, colors, wood species, and qualities, making it an excellent choice for any room in your home. Hardwood flooring is durable and never goes out of style. It also offers natural charm and elegance that other types of flooring materials do not provide.

We can provide various hardwood choices, including French Oak and Brazilian Cherry, in either engineered or solid wood. We offer traditional strip flooring, which is available from one inch to two and a half-inch wide.

Some people love our wider strips of plank flooring. These strips range in size from three inches to nine inches. Regardless of the plank’s size, you will find multiple choices of style, including distressed, whitewashed, quarter sawn, wire brushed, hand scraped, and many more.

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We also offer hardwood floor refinishing and repair. If your floors are dulled and scratched, our technicians can help return the natural beauty of them. Water stains and other issues can be fixed with our hardwood floor repair services.

If you want a new look for an old space, wood flooring refinishing allows you to easily change your floors’ color without the cost of a new installation. Refinishing also allows you to use a top coat to protect against pet nails and other scratches.

Sometimes wood flooring can become warped and stains. With our repair services, we will evaluate the floor. After the evaluation, we will work with you to replace or repair the planks depending on the damage. For more information about any of the following services, contact us today: